Work with children

I have worked with children in primary schools over the last ten years on various song writing projects. The most recent were "Sangs 'n Clatter" and "Mini Music Makers" both under the auspices of  South Lanarkshire Council's Cultural Co-ordinators. I have also provided CPD sessions on songwriting for teachers and early years workers. 


Have a listen to some of the music the primary school children have produced here

and the nursery children did here

Here are the words of that song from P6 childen in East Kilbride.
It really Hurts


Chorus  (sung between verses

It really hurts  it really hurts
What they’re saying to me
It really hurts it really hurts
Stop them bullying me

I hate the way they call me names
The bullies think its just a game
I’m getting hit I m black and blue
I don’t know just what to do

I hate the way they kick and punch
They never touch the rest of the bunch
They hurt my feelings and make me scared
I think the bullies are everywhere

I go to a corner crawl like a bug
All I want is a great big hug
I curl up tight so scared inside
The bullies think they’re big and bad

They’re playing games inside my head
I’m too scared to go to bed
I feel so threatened I feel so sad
Why do people have to be so bad

Bullies think they’re big and strong
We all know that they are wrong
They hurt and say bad things to you
Whatever they say you know it isn’t true

I really want to tell someone
My dad my sister or my mum
Don’t bottle it up don’t keep it inside
Tell someone you don’t need to hide

Links to the Curriculum for Excellenc

The benefits of musical activity to general improvement in academic achievement is well known but engagement in songwriting has extra relevance to the new curriculum. It can be linked to any subject apart from the obvious link to language and writing skills. Songs can be written about almost any subject so integrating different aspects of the curriculum. In the first link above you will here children's own descriptions of topics ranging from how it feels to be bullied to the exploits of KIng Robert the Bruce to a description of snow falling in Cambuslang. Also you will here the use of Scots language in the songs another part of the curriculum that can be included in the project.


In your school or club

Although I have worked on large projects in Lanarkshire through the cultural co-ordinators involving several months in different schools culminating in large concerts in Hamilton and Rutherglen Town Halls and the production of cds any school can contact me to do a couple of sessions songwriting and the song  recorded for posterity. A song could be written in a couple of sessions if the subject of the song has been decided and discussed by the children with the teacher prior to the first song writing session.

More information

If you are interested in having songwriting or just singing in your school please feel free to contact me for further information or advice.